Use Your Words

I’ve watched the exchange many times. A little toddler struggles with the desperate need to be picked up or the agonizing trial of having to wait for a drink. Meltdown is imminent. With many squawks and much arm-flailing the child expresses great displeasure with the state of affairs, and the longer the tribulation continues the more frantic the display. Tears stream, shrieks resound and cheeks tremble until mommy takes hold of the flying fingers, puts her face near that of her beloved and says that familiar phrase. “Use your words.”

It is a lesson that pretty much all of us are taught at a tender age. If you have a problem, you need to talk about it. There is seldom resolution until there is interaction.

How many times do we forget this simple truth when it comes to our Heavenly Father? Faced with some need or obstacle in our life that we don’t know how to handle, we quickly spiral down into frustration. Our hands are thrown up in despair and our world turns black. And because God didn’t prevent the unfortunate situation or instantly solve it, we turn red in the face and throw up our hands in disgust. Effectively, we give God the ‘silent treatment’.

God does know what I am going through. He does understand. He does know what to do about it. But what He craves is way more valuable than giving me solutions. What He values most; what He really longs for is to engage with me in the pursuit of the answers. I was created for primarily one reason: Relationship with God. Yup, when the Almighty created me He was being selfish. Well at least in part. Of course my existence is a gift to me as well, and my Father knows exactly what is required to make my life most rewarding. His ultimate desire is to know and be known by His children, and in that relationship we find our ultimate fulfillment. If I want to know just how much He values His relationship with me, I don’t have to look any further than the cross. The King of kings is deadly serious about restoring, protecting and developing His relationship with me, and He gains little pleasure from a one-sided conversation.

David knew how to use his words. The Psalms that have brought deep comfort to millions of people over thousands of years were born from a heart that had no filter. It didn’t matter if David was bursting with praise, venting frustration or weeping in sorrow.  The man after God’s heart was exactly that… after God’s heart. That’s where David lived. Whether he was surrounded by smelly sheep on the side of some hill, running for his life in the wilderness or sitting on a throne surrounded by admirers, David knew what it was to commune with his God. His worshipful heart did not guarantee a life of flawless happiness or the eradication of all pain, but it did bring a deep sense of peace. Even as he penned his most desperate Psalms, David consistently came to a place of recognizing the faithfulness of the Lord. David was able to do that because he was constantly engaging with his Father. He knew his God and was known by Him.

Do you ever find yourself grunting your displeasure? Do you flail your emotional arms in voiceless frustration and wonder why Jesus hasn’t ‘made it all better’.

He takes no joy in watching us flail, not because it’s annoying (which it probably is) but because He knows there is so much more for us. He knows exactly what we need far better than we do, but He doesn’t just want to throw sippy cups at us. He wants to engage with us and relishes in sharing with us the living water for which we so deeply thirst.

When I take an honest look at my life I have to recognize that He is right. As much as I long for blessings and answers, I long for Him more. At the deepest levels, my greatest need really is Him.

Jesus, let’s talk.

Philippians 4:6-7


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Oct 11, 2014
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Larry Moore

Good word Tim, welcome back!

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Oct 27, 2014
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This is a good read, propulsing you to a spiritual level where “reality checks” (fear of God) reside.
Thanks again Tim.

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