Ultimate Suspense

Easter Saturday.  A day forgotten; lost between the gravity of two massive days.   Good Friday was the greatest blow to hope that the world has ever known.  Oh, I realize that Friday’s ‘catastrophe’ was actually the greatest victory of all time, but nobody realized that until Sunday.  Today is Saturday.

The disciples are sitting around shell-shocked.  Their entire world has crumbled.  Last Tuesday they thought that all of the answers were coming together.  Today they don’t know anything.  Everything that they have invested their lives into has just been stripped from them in a few horrific hours.  And then there’s Thomas.  ‘Doubting Thomas’.  I can relate to him.  Sure, it’s easy to look down your nose at Thomas’ doubt when you are on THIS side of Sunday.  (You know what they say about hindsight.)  But Thomas was living in Saturday.  The best thing that ever happened to him had just died.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of my life living in Saturday.  Many of the things that I have held as ‘certain’ have been thrown into uncertainty.  Some of the greatest hopes of my youth have been brutally murdered.  And when I find myself in those Saturdays, I have found very little indication that ANYTHING good can come out of what happened on Friday.

On Easter Saturday, eternity hung in the balance.  You know what?  Sunday did come.  Jesus walked out of the coffin of crushed dreams.  He stepped out of the tomb of lost destinies, and he did not come out alone.  With him he brought resurrected hope.  Out of that grave, Jesus carried a truck-load of “A-HA!!  NOW I get it!!”  Thomas touched the scars on Jesus’ body and never looked back.  Jesus said to him, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”.  I’m betting that Thomas handled his next Saturday with a little more faith.

On the Saturdays of your life, hope hangs in the balance.  Will you trust on Saturday?  Will you cling to the knowledge that God knows what He is doing?

If you are living on a Saturday, I am here to ask you to keep going.  Believe just a little longer.  I promise you that your Sunday WILL come.  And if you need someone to walk with you through today, I would be more than happy.  Saturdays should never be handled alone.

Have a blessed Easter… Saturday.



Posted On
Apr 23, 2011
Posted By
Alain Caron

Now, THIS is an excellent blog! The title is loaded, the picture brings you deep, and the whole blog is to be kept as a classic. I’m impressed!

Posted On
Apr 25, 2011
Posted By
Ryan McKenzie


This is a great reminder of what it means to hold on to hope. I’ve never thought of it in the way you put it (never even heard it preached), but what a positive way of looking at it!

I’m usually more of a ‘half full’ kind of guy, but when I’m in my ‘half empty’ phases in life (they come around once in a while…), I sometimes feel confused and don’t understand why things aren’t quite working out, or where my joy’s gone, or how to hope for much again.

However, when they DO come, I’m going to remember your line “…your Sunday WILL come.” Thanks for posting, my friend!!

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