Miracle in Montreal – Part 8

written by Tim Knapp on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 5:25pm

Three steps forward…

The past few days have been physically and emotionally exhausting. Lisa’s intestines are functioning perfectly, her incisions are healing nicely and the drains they inserted at the surgery site (to drain excess fluid) are gradually being removed. But she has been struggling. Her breaths have been painful and short. The doctors think she may have developed another clot in the lungs. They have increased her pain medication and have put her back on an IV to administer blood thinners.

Emotionally she is weary. She was hoping that two weeks would be the longest she would be in hospital. Her surgery was two weeks ago today and she will be here for a while yet. She feels bad for me because she can see that I am tired and doesn’t know how to help me. And she is worried because I have already been gone from work for twice as long as I was supposed to be.

As for me, I am weary. Last night I spent the night at her bedside for the third time. (Her surgeon suggested I stay to monitor her and make sure she was handling the increased pain medication okay.) When I returned to my hotel this morning, I was only able to sleep for 3 hours. I am reaching a level of exhaustion I did not know existed. And I am finding out what it means to truly rely on God for my every breath, not because I have amazing maturity or have had some startling revelation, but because that is all I have left. The truth of 2 Corinthians 12:9 is my anchor now: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” And you know what JUST occured to me? (My eyes are welling up as I write this.) That verse is exactly what this whole thing has been about.

Never in Lisa’s life has she been more weak. Never has she had less to offer. Not since infancy has she needed more help just to live. Yet somehow… SOMEHOW she has never been more powerful. For some reason, in the economy of God our lives are the most profitable when they are being spent. Lisa is surely being spent. And she is bringing more life and hope to people near and far than ever before. Just ask the student nurse who Lisa is encouraging to pursue her dream of being involved in overseas missions. Or the elderly woman in the bed beside her that wants to die, but somehow finds love and peace in Lisa’s words of encouragement. Or the countless individuals reading this who are struck by the hope of Christ that is bursting from Lisa’s spirit.

A few days ago Lisa finally had the strength to begin reading some of the notes and emails that have been sent to her. With tears streaming down her face, she looked at me and expressed her gratitude this way: “I am surrounded by the love and support of so many people, some who I don’t even know. And THEY have needed this. This has been sooo good. As of this moment, I don’t want to leave. If God wants to keep me here an extra week so that somebody can feel His touch in their lives… done!”

Three steps forward, two steps back? Somehow even the backwards steps are not being wasted.


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