Miracle in Montreal – Part 7

written by Tim Knapp on Monday, October 12, 2009 at 8:58pm


Thanksgiving 2009

Never in my life has Thanksgiving held more meaning. I arrived at the hospital this morning not sure what I would find. I was unsure because the night before last I had to stay with Lisa through the night because she was uncomfortable and unsettled, needing more attention than the staff could give her. When I walked into her room this morning, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. She was alert, informed me that she wanted OUT of her bed, and was hungry. Very shortly after I arrived, the doctors came around (the daily white coat patrol), looked at her and determined that although she has not been passing any gas (the great indicator that the intestines are functioning), her digestive system was awakening. They have put her onto a clear liquids diet. A little while later, as if to add its agreement with their decision, Lisa’s tummy let out a long bubbly sounding gurgle. SHE’S GOT GAS!!!!! I let out a ‘WOO HOO’ and did a little jig. Lisa smiled up at me and rolled her eyes just a little.

As soon as she could arrange it, Lisa got out of bed and went for a walk. She’s been for a few walks so far. A painful and slow process requiring significant assistance (there are a lot of tubes and machines that have to come along for the ride), she has been walking out her door and heading down a long hallway. With a lot of determination, each walk she has pushed herself a few steps further than the last time. Her previous walk took her just over half way down the hall.

Today it was almost like she didn’t need determination. She got up with a little help and took hold of the walker with purpose. As she headed off down ‘her’ hallway (the nurse behind her attempting to manoever the equipment in time with her pace), she smiled with contentment. And when she raised her hand and slapped the wall at the END of the hallway her face was absolutely triumphant.

When they brought Lisa’s lunch in (her first ‘meal’ in 11 days), it consisted of tea, clear chicken broth, apple juice and orange jello. Just as Lisa was about to dig in it occurred to me: this was Thanksgiving dinner. I stopped Lisa and pointed out that we needed to carry out our usual thanksgiving tradition of going around the table with everyone saying what they are thankful for. She asked me to go first. My response was quite simple. I am thankful to have my wife back. I am thankful that we will continue to share our journey together. Then it was her turn. The first thing she said she was thankful for was her lunch. She pointed out that a couple weeks ago she would have been pretty unimpressed with broth and apple juice, but today she was happy to be able to taste and smell something other than ice chips. Her list of thankfulness continued. She was thankful for me. She was thankful for the people (patients, visitors and hospital staff) who lined the corridor, cheering her on with their smiles and encouragement as she made her epic journey to the end of the hall. And she was thankful for you. In her words, “I am so thankful for the people across this land who fell to their knees, sought God and saw Him answer.”

She was thankful for many other things (I was afraid her broth was going to get cold), but suffice to say that her heart was overflowing with gratitude today.

Right now she is lying in her bed with her ipod on. The song is ‘I Exalt Thee’. Her eyes are closed. Her hands are raised and she’s waving them around like little flags.

Thankfulness has never been more sincere.


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Definitely a Thanksgiving to remember! 🙂

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