Miracle in Montreal – Part 4

written by Tim Knapp on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 11:28pm

Room 5517

As I sit beside Lisa’s bed watching her sleep (with a cute gentle snore) I am filled with gratefulness. Of course more than anything else I am grateful for the Father’s divine intervention in the situation. As my friend Trevor prayed yesterday, ‘heaven invaded earth’, and I am beyond grateful.

But I am also grateful to many others. I am grateful to the surgeon who operated for twelve and a half hours without even a bathroom break (seriously!) I am grateful to the hospital staff who are attending to her every need. I am grateful to my bosses at work who used their connections (at a significant cost to their business) to arrange for us to see this surgeon. I am grateful to my housegroup who took up an impromptu collection to enable me to stay at a hotel in Montreal. I am grateful for the literally hundreds of people that have been storming the throne of God on our behalf. I will never forget the Prayer Phenomenon that took place yesterday.

And I am grateful to Lisa herself. God was showing off to me when He brought her into my life. I realize that I am preaching to the converted (for those of you who already know her), but Lisa is an amazing one-of-a-kind woman. I have never met someone so full of life. In the face of intimidating physical challenges that would send most of us whimpering into the night, Lisa rises up and brings strength to others. She has a way of going straight to the heart that leaves people hungry for more of her… and more of Jesus. I should know. To Lisa: My love, when you are able to read this, please accept my gratitude. I can’t believe you have given your heart to me and I am grateful.

As far as her physical recovery is concerned, Lisa is doing quite well today. Because of the epidural (which they plan on continuing for three days) and the other medication she is on, she is asleep most of the time and groggy when she is awake. She is a little uncomfortable when she moves (go figure), but a cold cloth or some ice chips to chew on brings relief. And one more bit of good news: Before surgery the surgeon warned us that with the position she would be lying in for such a long time there was a significant risk of temporary nerve damage in her extremities, leading to numbness in her arms and legs. I have watched them several times poking and proding her hands and feet, and every time Lisa has said that they feel fine – no numbness.

For those of you who have been asking, Lisa is in the Jewish General Hospital in Ward D, Room 5517. She is registered here as Lisa Picklyk (her maiden name).

Oh, and one more thing. You know the waiting room outside the O.R. where I wept yesterday? Today I went back there, raised my hands and danced.


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