Miracle in Montreal – Part 3

by Tim Knapp on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 12:13am.

The Recovery Room

I just saw her. The smile was a little more feeble than it was this morning, but it shone none the less.

When they finally let me in to the recovery room to see Lisa (15 hours after I last saw her), I was only allowed to visit for 5 or 6 minutes. I have walked with Lisa through several surgeries before, and although this one was more than twice as long as any of them, I can honestly say that she looked in better shape to me following THIS one! She was still pretty groggy and was shivering from the effects of the anaesthetic, but her pain was well under control and there was none of the emotional trauma that I have seen following earlier surgeries. She never looked more beautiful to me.

Before I go any further, let me say thank you to all those of you across the country and around the world who have walked with us today. The support that has been shown for Lisa and me is nothing short of astounding. Through this entire day I can honestly say that I was ‘carried’ by your love and support. And not only were your prayers encouraging, they were effective. Today you moved the heart of God. Today He responded to the cries of His children.

The operation lasted twelve and a half hours. When the surgeon finally came out to see me, still in his surgical garb, he was smiling. He said that the surgery went as well as he had hoped. He talked through the details of the surgery and gave a detailed run-down of Lisa’s condition. He is pleased with how the surgery went:

  • Going into the surgery, he was anticipating having to take fairly drastic measures (filleting muscles) in order to put her back together. Contrary to all pre-surgical indications, he did not have to perform that procedure.
  • At one point (months ago) there was talk of doing a follow-up surgery 6 months after this surgery to add a second layer of reinforcement to the hernia repair. They put in both layers of reinforcement today. There will be no need for a second surgery.
  • He inspected the full length of her intestine and there is no trace of Crohn’s disease.

The doctor emphasized to me that the surgery was just the beginning of the process. The next few days will be crucial. The risks that he identified are infection in the wounds and blood clots in the legs & lungs.

It is with humility that I ask for your continued prayers. Lisa’s road to recovery will not be an easy one, but your support moves mountains for her.

I will continue to provide updates.

They are going to keep her in the recovery room overnight. I have returned to my hotel room down the street to catch some sleep tonight (I am pretty tired) and will return first thing in the morning. Hopefully by then they will be able to move her to her room where I will be able to spend the day with her.

PS – I would like to publicly thank Cory Gumienny for spending the day with me here in Montreal. His companionship was greatly appreciated. We prayed together. We walked together. The presence of God was thick. Thank you, Cory. You were the hands of Jesus today.


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