Miracle in Montreal – Part 11

written by Tim Knapp on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 11:43am

The Road Home

Lisa has just been discharged. In an hour or so I will be packing up the little cabinet beside her bed and carting everything down to our vehicle. Soon we will be driving down the highway and Lisa will be glaring at me for not somehow making the road smoother. And I will still be smiling from ear to ear.

It almost did not happen today. For the past week, we (the surgeon and us) have been gearing up for Friday to be the day that Lisa could go home. Things were a little shaky at points with a lack of appetite and some nausea, but even as recently as yesterday morning everything was a go. Then things began to unravel. Late yesterday morning Lisa became extremely nauseated despite receiving the appropriate medication. The plans to discharge her were cancelled. It felt like a kick to the stomach. My initial reaction was something along the lines of “God, not again!” Knowing that I had to sort things out, I went for a walk. I started to pray, “God, tomorrow is four weeks to the day since Lisa was operated on. After the way this past month has gone, it would be poetic to bring her home tomorrow. This is not poetic.” But as I looked at the journey over the past month I could only recognize that God has never, not once, let Lisa out of His loving hands. He has been consistently loving and faithful, and He IS writing an amazing story. It’s just that His poetry doesn’t often rhyme.

My heart settled. I will trust my King. If Lisa needs to remain here, then I will honour God and look for His purpose in it. Last night the surgeon visited us and re-reversed the decision, allowing Lisa to leave today. I felt like the day’s turmoil had simply been a test to see if I had learned what God was trying to teach me this past month. This time I passed.

Of course Lisa’s road to recovery does not end as we leave the hospital. It will take her many months to recover. There will be good days and just as certainly there will be bad days. Hopefully she will not have to return to the hospital, but there are no guarantees. Well, I guess there is one. When Lisa entered her surgery on October 2nd, I posted a new ‘status’ on Facebook. It read, “The faithfulness of my God will be known this day.” Whatever the future holds for Lisa, God’s faithfulness will be a constant. And from what I’ve seen of Lisa, so will her trust.

The past few days I have been thinking back over this whole experience and taking stock. I have to admit that for quite a while I viewed Lisa’s surgery and her recovery very differently. I recognized that her surgery was miraculous. There is no denying that. However when it came to her recovery, it seemed to have been anything but! The surgeon figured that her recovery would take about 10 days if everything went well. It has taken nearly a month. Between sleeping intestines, blood clots in the lungs and anemia, Lisa’s recovery has been (medically speaking) a faltering mess. But over the past couple of days it has begun to dawn on me that the miracle did not end when she was wheeled out of the O.R. Lisa’s body had received the repair it needed. But that was just the beginning.

In my first ‘Miracle in Montreal’ entry I declared that this was going to be “a story of the revolution of faith in the lives of a COUPLE of God’s children.” I think I may have underestimated the revolution. I have come to the realization that what is taking place is more than just a miracle for Lisa. The real Miracle is that out of a little hospital room in Montreal God has spoken words of faith and of healing and of hope to people in all sorts of places in all kinds of situations. The Miracle is not just about Lisa. The Miracle is about the eight patients that shared her room and drank of her compassion. The Miracle is about the dozens of hospital staff who found THEMSELVES the recipients of care from the woman who was struggling to breathe. And ultimately, the Miracle is about YOU! You may be reading an email in Gatineau, Quebec or checking your Facebook in High River, Alberta. You could be reading this at your computer in Scotland or on your cell phone in Texas. You might know Jesus very well, or perhaps you have never met him in a personal way. But something has drawn you. Something has stirred you. I believe that for many of you, that something is hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe God could perform the Miracle in YOUR life. The irony is that He has already begun.

This will be my final addition to the ‘Miracle in Montreal’ updates. The responses to these little updates have blown me away. Many of you have called this story inspiring. Several of you have shed tears. Some have outright wept. A few people have even suggested that this story would make a good book. I don’t know about that, but I think telling a story is easy when you have good material. Between the God I serve and the woman I love, I’ve had more material than I could have ever needed.

And so we head home. Four weeks to the day that Lisa went under the knife. Today is October 30th. It is my birthday. I could not have asked for a better gift. Today the poem rhymes.

Montreal will soon be behind us. But the Miracle is only beginning.



Posted On
Apr 09, 2011
Posted By
Lisa Knapp

Truly a Miracle in Montreal.

My life has been transformed by the outpouring of love and support. Transformed by the people that I have encountered. By the medical staff that nursed me back to health.

My heart is full.

Thank you!

Posted On
Apr 10, 2011
Posted By
Shirley Knapp

Dear Tim & Lisa,
Reliving this journey with you once more through your words leaves me so in awe, grateful for all that God has done in both of you. He takes broken vessels and with His hands makes them beautiful and useful in His service. I thank Him for your willingness to share this ‘broken time’ in your lives to bring hope and encouragement to so many. Love you so much!

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