Miracle in Montreal – Part 10

written by Tim Knapp on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 11:49pm.

The Dawn is Breaking

The last few days have seen major progress for Lisa. There is no longer any evidence of blood in her output. The four units of blood that Lisa received brought her hemoglobin count up to 89. By the end of the following day the count was at 99, showing that her body is no longer bleeding in any great measure, and is recovering on its own. Her breathing is no longer laboured. She still finds meal time a chore, but she is eating small amounts of food many times a day with my encouragement. (She now calls me the ‘Food Nazi’.) Today she did as much walking as she has done any day to date.

We had quite a lengthy chat with her surgeon yesterday. (Dr. Faria is an amazing physician with great patience, excellent bedside manner and a real desire to ensure that we understand everything that is going on. He really listens, and takes our input into consideration before deciding on a course of action. You can tell that he considers himself Lisa’s advocate in the hospital as she recovers. He is truly a gift from God.) In our discussion yesterday, Dr. Faria outlined the plan for getting Lisa well enough to leave the hospital. It will take a little longer to get all of her medications balanced, the pain under control and the blood viscosity stable. His guess at this point is that Lisa should be able to go home by the end of this coming week. At long last we have a glimpse of the goal.

Lisa continues to inspire me. This morning her new roommate (I think we are on our eighth) suddenly began to have unbelievable pain during a procedure that went badly. For over an hour he was struggling to breathe and was having stabbing pain in his chest and shoulder, and for a time the medical staff seemed incapable of helping him. It was a desperate situation. Unable to do anything else, I began to quietly pray for Scott and the medical staff that were treating him. Then I looked at Lisa. Not only was she praying for him, she was weeping. And weeping and weeping. For pretty much the full hour she wept and she prayed. As I found myself trying to comfort HER, she looked at the thin curtain that separated her from Scott and cried, “I can feel his pain”. There was the difference. I was praying for this man. She was walking with him. I was calling on the heart of God. She was moving it.

The other day as I sat with Lisa during her blood transfusion I was transfixed. As I watched the blood trace its way down the tube and into her arm, I couldn’t help but think that someone else had to bleed for her to receive the life that was now flowing into her body. Life through sacrifice. Lisa seems to have a pretty good handle on that one. She has expressed time and time again that all of her suffering is worth it if she can be used to bring life to even one other person. Her whole desire through this experience (aside from obviously wanting to be well) is that her pain would be others’ gain. She wants to bring life through sacrifice. She wants to be just like her Saviour.

I think she is succeeding.

PS – As a side note, a real source of encouragement to Lisa and me has been my employers’ unbelievable attitude through this entire process. Not only are they largely responsible for connecting us with this surgeon, they have yet again (for the third time) allowed – even insisted that I extend my time away from work so that I can be with Lisa. In the words of one of my bosses, “I don’t want him to leave Montreal until LISA leaves Montreal.” Please join me in praying God’s blessing on their business for having such compassionate hearts.


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Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love.

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