Miracle in Montreal – Part 2

written by Tim Knapp on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 9:40am

Thoughts from the waiting room

Have you ever cried tears of FAITH?  I never have… until today.  I had just seen Lisa through the doors to the surgery unit; her glowing smile beaming up at me as she left my sight.  I walked back and sat in the waiting area where the doctor will look for me after her surgery.  And I began to weep.  But they were not tears of fear, worry or stress.  Nor were they tears of joy.  As I sat there perplexed by my state, I began to realize…  they were tears of faith.  I am at peace.  This day has been ordained by God for a long time, and this day He will show His faithfulness once again.

I have a little confession to make.  The note I sent yesterday (Miracle in Montreal –part one) was not new.  I actually wrote that note just before Lisa was scheduled to have surgery LAST time (in June).  I had prepared the note to send to you all, and then just before I could send it – just before we were about to leave – Lisa’s surgery was cancelled with no indication of when it would be rescheduled.  I have to admit, that shook me a little.  For a short moment I was a little angry with God. I was thinking, “God, I placed Lisa into your hands.  I trusted you with her.  You were supposed to heal her and restore her.  What’s going on?”  And instantly I heard Him say, “That’s right Tim.  You have placed your wife into my hands, to do with as I choose.  You thought you knew what I was going to do with her, but I know better than you.  Are you okay if I choose to do nothing?  Are you okay if I just hold her for a while?  Or would you like her back?”  I had no choice but to humbly admit that there is no place I would rather see Lisa than in the hands of the one who made her.

Many times in life we do not know why God does things the way He does.  But this was not one of those times.  You see, in the time since the cancellation of Lisa’s surgery, a transformation has taken place.  Over the past three months, Lisa has virtually exploded with new life.  She has begun to grasp that as a daughter of the King, she walks with royal favour and authority.  She hears God’s heart with clarity.  She fights for people like never before.  She is living the way God always intended for her.  In the cancelling of Lisa’s surgery, God had not abandoned her.  God had decided that before He worked miracles in Lisa’s body He wanted to work them in her heart.  And I stand in awe of His handiwork.

When it came time to make the trip to Montreal as we had planned to do back in June, I reread my old note.  Not only did it still apply, but indeed the hope that I expressed in it has already begun to bear fruit.  One of the lines in that note refers to this journey as “a story of the revolution of faith in the lives of a couple of God’s children.”  Revolution indeed.

As I type this, Lisa is on an operating table.  In the words of the surgeon, she is now lying in a position “like Jesus Christ on the cross” with her arms stretched out to the sides.  She has been opened up and complex surgery is being performed by physicians who are at the top of their field.  I find the symbolism rather remarkable.


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Apr 09, 2011
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Lisa Knapp

Thank you for Dr. Faria.

His skillful hands were covered by the prayers of many.

My life has been forever changed!

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