Lisa’s Pending Surgery

written by Tim Knapp on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 2:53pm

Before Montreal…

I guess people have varying levels of knowledge regarding Lisa’s current state of health. In an effort to answer most questions, here’s her medical history in a nutshell, and the reason for her upcoming surgery.

Lisa was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (google it if you like) in the early 90’s. In 1996 (two years after we were married), following a long and very difficult struggle with the disease,she had illeostomy surgery (removing her large intestine). She continued for the next 9 years with relatively good health.

Then, around 2005 she began to have problems with hernias in her stomach around the site of her previous operation. Since that time, she has had several surgeries (including emergency surgery) to repair hernias and the damage they cause. Every one of those surgeries has eventually failed, resulting in ever more severe hernias, each one more difficult to deal with than the last.

She has had her current hernia for over two years, and it is probably about the size of a volleyball. She has seen several specialists in different parts of the country, none of whom have offered any hope. In the words of a previous top surgeon specializing in Lisa’s condition: “I don’t want to see you again. I have enough things to keep me awake at night. That thing
(Lisa’s abdomen) scares me.”

Needless to say, it seemed as though the medical community held no hope for Lisa’s situation.

But God is not finished yet. Hearing about Lisa’s condition, my employer decided to use their connections and influence to see if they could find a doctor with (yet) another opinion. To make a long story a little shorter, Lisa ended up being referred to one of the top surgeons in the country for Lisa’s condition at the renowned Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. Using techniques that few others would attempt, this doctor has had significant success in the past, and feels he can repair the damage to Lisa’s battered torso.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this doctor’s surgery schedule is very full, but he is trying to get Lisa in on an urgency basis. Lisa has already had her pre-op preparation done, and we have been told to be ready for a last minute phone call to drive to Montreal (2 hours from our home) for her surgery. A week or so ago, they called Lisa to say that there may be a last
minute opening on June 1st and asked her to be ready. Yesterday we found out that June 1st is not available.

So we wait… and pray. The specialist estimates that the operation will last 9 hours. It is a very complex three-part operation with significant risks to Lisa’s health, and with no guarantee of success. And the recovery period for this surgery (following an estimated two week hospital stay) is expected to be substantial.

All of this can paint quite a bleak picture, but we don’t see it that way. In recent weeks I have begun to experience a new level of confidence in God. We have placed Lisa into His mighty hands. He loves Lisa more than any of us can imagine, and will take care for her as only He is able. He IS her Healer!

Your love and prayers are appreciated. I will continue to provide updates as this story unfolds.


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