A couple weeks ago I went to visit a friend.  Life has been its usual busy self for me, but it’s been ridiculously full for him as he has recently taken on a second job and has two kids – including a newborn!  His wife was out that night with the baby, and he invited me over ‘last minute’ for a coffee.  I was happy to find time in the midst of our schedules to see him, so I finished off what I was doing and headed over to his house, knowing that I only had an hour or so before I had to leave.

We had a good time chatting and laughing, interrupted briefly while he put his daughter to bed.  It wasn’t a particularly remarkable appointment; just a relaxing catch-up with a good friend.  When I realized that time was beginning to press, I said goodnight and headed out.  As I was walking to my truck, I made the small observation that I hadn’t taken off my jacket while I was in the house.  It wasn’t really a conscious decision I had made.  I guess I was just at a comfortable body temperature and knew that I wouldn’t be staying long.  But as I thought about it, I wondered what my friend had thought.  What did it convey to him that I had spent my entire time with him… prepared to leave?

Lately I have been particularly challenged with this thought:  How often do I find myself spending time talking to God or listening to His voice without removing my jacket?  I manage to find time to cram Him into my schedule seldom enough as it is.  When I do, how often am I keeping an eye on the clock, knowing that I have somewhere to be or something ‘important’ to attend to?  What message am I sending to my King?

When the Jewish people were wandering in the wilderness, Moses set up a ‘tent of meeting’ some distance away from where the people were camped.  Exodus 33 tells us that anyone inquiring of the Lord could go there to meet with Him.  From time to time Moses would go to the tent of meeting and speak with God, and his aide Joshua would go with him.  When he was finished, Moses would leave the tent and head back to camp, but Joshua would remain behind.  Joshua didn’t want to leave the tent of meeting.  Joshua was hungry for more.  Joshua took his jacket off.

Usually when I rush my time with God, it is not a conscious decision.  That’s actually the problem; a conscious decision is what is needed.  I know that I need to spend time with my Savior.  I recognize that without spending time with my Lord, I can never really know Him or hear His input into my life.  All of my Christian life I have understood that God is just waiting for me to put down my distractions, give Him my full attention and just BE with Him.  Yet I find it so easy to give Him only the scraps of my time and the remnants of my attention.  I expend so much time and energy trying to ‘manage’ my life that I fail to really engage with the One who puts everything into perspective.

I want to respond to the invitation of God.  I want to soak in His presence.  I want to know the voice of my Lord.  I want to dwell in the tent of meeting.  With my jacket off.



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Sep 27, 2011
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Wow Tim!! How timely is this!! You have SUCH a way of speaking straight to the heart. The message u wrote about is the same message God has been trying to drill into me the last couple of weeks. I can’t ‘manage’ my life without spending time with my King and I NEED to take my jacket off and just BE…. just linger in His presence…. Thank u for sharing once again.

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Sep 27, 2011
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Thanks Tim. Listen, by the way, to the comments of people – you are being directed.

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Sep 28, 2011
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This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for your inspired reflections once again!

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